Five Wedding Accessories for the Modern Groom

The look of the groom does not end with the choice of his suit. There are accessories, such as shoes, ties, or belts to complete the outfit. Men have different styles and therefore there is a variety of groom wedding accessories to suit every taste. Read on and identify yours!


We recommend that the shoes of the groom are leather and in a dark colour, although you can make exceptions to suit your particular theme. For example, brown shoes are best to accompany blue or beige-colored suits.
However, if the style of the wedding allows it, you can opt for loafers and even some sports footwear. Look for shoes that offer all-day comfort and make sure to take them to your final suit fitting to make sure they are an ideal match.

Tie or bow tie

The variety of tie designs is wide, so you will surely find one that suits your personality and matches the style of your wedding. The tie is one of the most important groom wedding accessories, so you should not only consider the design and size, but also the shape of your knot.
Go for a conventional tie with a smooth frame, if you’re wearing a cutaway coat or tailored suit. On the other hand, if the style of your wedding requires a tailcoat or tuxedo, it is best to use a bow for a more formal look that exudes elegance.


The cufflinks make for a stylish addition that can make a subtle difference to the overall look. Their design can be as serious or fun as the personality of the groom. You can even choose to match your cufflinks with those of your dad or grandparent as a symbol of gratitude and a gesture of affection.

Some grooms add a touch of humour and choose designs featuring a favourite superhero or the symbol of a much-loved hobby. The materials, as with the neckerchief, can be varied, as well as their design and size. The more discreet your design is the more appropriate for a formal look. That is why we suggest different styles of wedding cufflinks that are timeless and will make your look complete and stunning.


The most sophisticated and classic men will opt for sleek designs in dark colours, such as navy blue, grey or black that match the tone of the fabric of their pants. However, those who want to add a modern and fun touch with their groom wedding accessories will choose socks with intense colours and fun prints, even custom designs, that match the tie or even the bridal bouquet.

Tie clip

Originally, as its name suggests, the tie clip was used to prevent the air from blowing the tie and flying in the face of the groom. Over time it has become one of the most regularly used chic wedding accessories. Choose from a range of different materials such as gold, silver, steel; some feature diamond inlays, or that of other precious stones.

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