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Tie pins and tie clips
Moda London creates accessories for men that are inspired by the simplicity of modern fashion but which also draw on classic design principles.

The modern tie clip derives from jewellery worn by wealthy English gentlemen to secure the folds of their cravats, 'hanker-ties' or 'ascots'. Cravats are the ancestors of modern neck ties and bow ties, and they were originally made from a wide range of fine materials such as lace, silk, satin and lightly-starched muslin. Traditionally, cravats were folded over and secured with a fastening device called a 'stickpin'. These fasteners were crafted from gold or silver and set with precious gems or pearls. By the mid-nineteenth century, stickpins had become popular with the middle classes in England and America, used with all sorts of ties, scarfs and neckwear, and available in a wide variety of styles. The more elaborate designs included safety clutches, ornamental attachments and decorations.
In the 20th century, the fashion for wearing long ties made from delicate materials such as silk meant there was a need for a new accessory to clip the tie to the underlying shirt. The resulting tie clip, or 'tie bar', attaches both layers of the long tie to a shirt, and prevents the tie from swinging and from being blown out of place. Often made from gold or silver, the tie clip can also add a touch of flair and individuality to a gentleman's outfit. While the original tie clips also came in a variety of styles – some of which were rather gaudy – modern tie clips with sleek and elegant designs are making a real comeback.
Tie clips from Moda London

The perfect tie clip or tie pin will give a refined feel to your outfit as well as keeping your tie in place. According to GQ magazine, your tie clip should be positioned between the third and fourth button holes of your shirt, and it shouldn't be wider than your tie. Tie clips or tie pins can be worn on any occasion, including at work, at an important meeting, dining out, or for a special event.

At Moda London, we offer a choice of six elegant tie clips for you to choose from:
  • Our classic brushed-Silver, Rose Gold and Gold tie clip embodies the characteristics of Moda London. The delicate, brushed effect carefully balances the clean modern design. This tie clip can be purchased on its own or in a set with the matching Knightsbridge cufflinks

  • The Polished rose-gold, Graphite and Silver tie clip offers a modern and yet tasteful allure. The Polished finish over high precision stainless steel adds warm tones to your attire. This tie clip can also be ordered along with our matching cufflinks in a presentation gift set.

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For elegant, modern tie pins, think Moda London.