Gold Tie Clip

A gold tie clip is the go-to accessory for many distinguished gentlemen. Whether it’s a day at the office or preparing for a formal occasion such as a wedding, the right tie bar can help complete any outfit with an extra touch of understated elegance.
Gold tie clip
What Is A Gold Tie Clip?
As the name suggests, these accessories are used to clip or secure a tie and are made from gold. However, such an item is also known as a gold tie bar or tie pin. This is because the clip often represents a bar via its sleek, rectangular shape, while also pinning the tie against the shirt.

There is also a variant known as a tie clip, which has an additional clasping mechanism, but this is not as popular. Many men prefer the simple, understated subtlety of a traditional gold tiebar.

Such tie clips are traditionally worn near the middle of the shirt, between the third and fourth buttons, for the best impact. Aside from visibility, this ensures the tie stays secure.
Types And Styles

Tie bars can come in many different styles, although all share a basic, elongated shape. As long as they are wide enough to cover around half of the tie – it is most fashionable to wear it this way, rather than completely covering the tie’s entire length – and securely slides under the shirt, then it can fit any possible design.

However, a tie clip is best worn as part of your wider suit accessories. It is best to have your tie clip, cufflinks and any other accessories.This will create an accenting colour across your suit, creating a distinguished, complete look.

You should also remember that a tie clips primary purpose is to keep the tie in place, preventing it from freely moving. As such, tie clips are best worn with two piece suits. For three piece suits, the waistcoat fulfils this purpose and the clip becomes a redundant statement.

By this same logic, a tie clip can also be used as a subtle way to add impact to an outfit that has a shirt, yet lacks a complete suit. This can make them useful for work functions, where you wish to make a statement without the full complexity of formal attire.
What Styles Do These Clips Suit?

A tie clip is best worn as part of a full suit, where the metallic colour can help accentuate the existing outfit. While many may use a brushed silver tie pin and cufflinks, as it is a more neutral colour, the added flair of gold can make for a much stronger impact.

Because of this, a rose gold tie clip can be used in a variety of suits, going well with pastel colours and dark navy suits alike. Tie clips can help add a little contrast with a suit’s primary block colours, without being overtly extensive.

Likewise, if you’re wearing a more traditional suit, such as one with a double-breasted jacket and gold buttons, then a gold tie clip will fit seamlessly, where as a silver band may struggle.