top 10 wedding shoe trends for 2022

The wedding shoe trends of 2022 are here, and they're just as gorgeous as you'd expect.
We've compiled a list of 10 shoe styles that are sure to make you shine on your special day. From strappy heels to glittery sandals, below are the shoes that will make your wedding look like something out of a dream.

1. Platforms

Platforms are such a fun way to add height and style to your wedding footwear. They work especially well with shorter dresses, but you can't go wrong with them for any dress length. The great thing about platforms is that they give you the height you need without sacrificing comfort.

2. Stilettos

Stilettos are always a classic choice for brides who want to look glamorous and elegant in their wedding dresses. They're perfect for showing off your legs in a beautiful gown that skims the floor or flares out around your ankles.

3. Strappy Heels

Strappy heels are another great option for brides looking to incorporate the latest wedding shoe trends. They give off an air of sophistication, which is perfect for the big day!

4. Slides

Slides are a great choice if you wish to keep it simple while still adding a bit of elegant flair to your look. They’re also a comfortable bridal shoe style that can be paired with any dress or skirt.

5. Mules and Clogs

For brides who love the classic style of mules but want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, this wedding shoe trend is the perfect fit. They look good with every kind of dress, so they make an excellent choice if you’re not sure what else you might want to wear on your big day. Mules also come in a variety of colours and styles so you can find exactly what you like best!

6. Wedges

Wedges are comfortable and stylish bridal shoes. They can add height to your stature and give your feet a nice lift. They’re perfect for both casual and formal looks. If you want to be on-trend, then wedges are definitely the way to go!

7. Cowboy Boots

As wedding shoe trends have been leaning towards the more casual, cowboy boots have been making a huge comeback as a fashionable choice for brides because their versatility makes them a stunning option.

8. Flats and Loafers

For brides who want to look elegant but don't want to sacrifice comfort, flat shoes are a must. Whether you prefer satin or leather, pumps or flats, there's no shortage of stunning designs on the market.

9. Boots

Boots are another great option if you want something stylish and unique. They come in so many different styles — from lace-up boots to elegant or riding boots — so there's something for everyone!

10. Glittered sandals

Glittery shoes are nothing new at weddings, but they definitely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. These sandals will look amazing against any dress style — from princess ballgowns to breezy beach dresses!

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