A Guide for a Relaxed Wedding Day

On the eve of an important event it is normal to feel a bit nervous. This is even more true on the occasion of your wedding, which marks a new and crucial stage in your life. To live the W-Day with as much peace of mind as possible, we have prepared a list of activities and small pleasures to help relieve the pressure and enjoy a relaxed wedding day experience.

A good night’s sleep

The first one of the wedding day tips for relaxation is getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential in stress management. Set a reasonable bedtime and avoid any type of screen at least two hours before bedtime to make it easier for you to fall asleep. Choose a good book and lock yourself in your bubble before the big celebration!

Be prepared

Our recommendation is to always be prepared in time. Prepare your dress, accessories, details, suit, cufflinks – everything should be ready for the morning!

Focus on the present and bring only positive vibes with you

When something matters to us, the fear of anything going wrong takes hold of us. This is something that happens to many brides and they spend the morning of the wedding asking themselves questions like, "What if it starts to rain?" What if I stumble down the aisle?" etc. These doubts (without any foundation) only serve to multiply the nerves and jeopardise the possibility of having a relaxed wedding day.

Make your wedding morning filled with fun and joy!

All you want before your special day is a stress free wedding. From the moment the alarm goes off, make everything fun. Have breakfast with some of your favourite Youtube videos, put fun songs on full volume, or watch an episode of a fun series, such as Friends.

Hydrate and don’t forget to eat

Start your day with healthy, energy-filled foods. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Make yourself a nutritious breakfast with hard-boiled eggs, turkey, and almonds. Even if you haven’t slept much that night, avoid excess caffeine if possible, as it will only increase your heart rate. Replace coffee or tea with fruit juice and glasses of water!

Don’t worry about the little things, they don’t really matter

This special time of your life is a unique experience, so don’t waste a second worrying about tiny details that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Try not to torture your brain with everything to have a relaxed wedding day. Focus on all the good and important things - marrying the love of your life, having all your friends and family in one place - and you’ll get the most out of your day!

Do not worry – with our tips, you will definitely have a relaxed wedding day. Need more advice? Subscribe for our blog updates! Furthermore, if you are looking for the perfect groom gift, take a look at our custom cufflinks that are bound to make an elegant statement!